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Last Another Day: The Journey Begins, Smash Zombie to Survive

2017-08-28 11:02:02

The Survival game has started! Yahgame Inc. released the new strategy zombie game LAST ANOTHER DAY. Join the battle! The game creates a real Zombie Apocalypse World, especially adding a lot of fighting gameplay, allowing players to truly experience the fear of survival and survival of the dead. You will deep into the city of zombies, save all trapped human with explosion fighting scenes. Ultra-rich featured gameplay outlines the world's bloody zombie world. Officials today release campaigns, tyrantchallenges, resource shipping and a variety of special gameplay options for interested players.

It's a new real-time strategy game, not only with exciting new war maps, but also beautiful characters and exciting camp scenes. In the game you can build and customize your own exclusive military bases, establish a perfect base defense system, train and strengthen your elite troops, and even make your own exclusive weapons to fight zombiesand players from all over the world. Every tactical fight will be your show of game talent and command ability!You'll be the best zombie hunter!


The Campaign is the frame of the game. Each chapter has a corresponding star rating.Reaching the certain number of rated stars, not only can receive a large number of game resources, but also achievement, rewards. The higher the battle level, the more resources you can get and the higher the experience and honor will be.

●Donate samples to kill the tyrant

Tap the main interface of the "Alliance" button, and then tap the "tyrant challenge".Players can get the virus samples through the zombie smashing.When the donated samples of the virus are enough to challenge the tyrant, alliance leader can summon tyrant in the tyrant challenge list. Next, tap on the tyrant, in the pop-up interface, tap the "Start Battle" button to gather global allies.Killing tyrants together, all alliance members will get a considerable reward.

There is no upper limit on the amount of donated stocks of virus samples. Each summons must deduct a specified number of virus samples, and each alliance can summon only one tyrant a day. Moreover, only a lower ranking tyrant can command the challenge of a higher tyrant.

●Resource shipping

Resource shipping allows players to ship materials to other alliances. Tap the "Network center" building and the "transaction" button in the "out of the box" option. Select the target members of the "deal" button in the pop-up interface and then select the number of supplies to send. Transportation takes a marching troop and will deduct the corresponding amount of resources in accordance with the tax rate.

In addition, a variety of login packs, class packs, League wars, and commander competitions are available for all players. Lucky turntable, senior arm and VIP packs, enjoy the privileges! Enter the game to claim all.

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